01. Organizational Problems
02. Poor Management
03. Slackness of Management
04. Poor Value Perception
05. Poor Safety Awareness
06. Inadequate Risk Recognition
07. Planning and Design
08. Poor Planning
09. Poor Process Engineering
10. Bad Event
11. Chemical Phenomenon
12. Detonation in the Column
13. Secondary Damage
14. External Damage
15. Fire
16. Secondary Damage
17. Damage to Environment
18. Very Large Damage in the Neighbourhood
19. Bodily Harm
20. Death
21. 4 person died
22. Bodily Harm
23. Injury
24. 59 Persons injured
25. Loss to Organization
26. Social Loss
27. Abolish of the Factory

Explosion and fire of highly-concentrated hydroxylamine at a re-distillation unit
Case Details 100 Selected Cases

Knowledge Comment:
Why did they handle easily the super dangerous material which occurs self detonation at high concentration?

Field Chemicals and Plants
Author KOSEKI, Hirosi (National Research Institute of Fire and Disaster)
TAMURA, Masamitsu (Center for Risk Management and Safety Sciences, Yokohama National University)