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We are accepting articles and photos of failure cases from members. Selected articles and photos will be published by ASF.

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Inheriting Failure Knowledge Database

Dec. 4, 2017
Association for the Study of Failure

     In June of this year, 2017, Association for Study of Failure (ASF) inherited operation of "Failure Knowledge Database (FKDB)" from Hatamura Institute for the Advancement of Technology. This takeover copied FKDB data from to the homepage area of
     The same data, currently, resides on the server to meet the needs of other organizations, e.g.,, with plenty of links to addresses. The contents on the pages will gradually turn into links to the same data on server.

     FKDB started as national efforts originating from one of the proposals in "Report by Special Study Group for Active Use of Failure Knowledge - for active use of failure experience (Japanese version here)" and Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) promoted "Development of Database with Structured Knowledge, Data and so Gained through Experiencing Failure" and the database went public in March, 2005. JST maintained the database and kept it public until it terminated its service in March of 2011.
     ASF Chairperson, Hatamura, who was the overall supervisor of this project, then took over the database so that this asset of high value to the society is not lost and made it public on his business, Hatamura Institute for the Advancement of Technology, homepage. Now, our association, ASF decided to accept the operation of the database.
     ASF will always keep an entrance to the database interface on its top page at all time, and further add functions of text search and new case introductions.

     ASF is now inviting failure case descriptions from its members with the application procedure below:

     We hope that this FKDB continues to serve the society, grow, develop, and continue to contribute in preventing accidents and mitigating severity of disasters.

How to contribute to contents of FKDB
  1. Description: We accept failure case descriptions not only in engineering, but also in a variety of fields including medicine, science, economics, law and more. We, however, do not accept descriptions about political beliefs or religions.
  2. To start, send an email with no attachment to the ASF office with the mail main text describing your proposal with your membership number, name, failure case title, time of case occurence, and a case summary with about 150 words.
  3. After ASF Administration Office approves your proposal, write your failure case description following the format already open with other cases of FKDB.
  4. After you turn in your fishined write-up, the ASF Administration Office will approve or deny your manuscript and open it on the ASF HP temporarily.
  5. A temporary case description requires majority approval in a board meeting, held biannually, before accepted as a FKDB case content.

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